This week we have been very excited because there is a new member in our class. Its name is Waffle and it is a hamster.

The first thing we wanted to do when we saw it, was to hold it and touch it but we couldn’t because, as it didn’t know us, it was scared and hidden.

Then we thought that we had to give it a name. It is a male and we couldn’t decide between those names: Waffle, Rainbow, Cotton, Runner and Pompom. Eventually, all the rabbits and teachers voted and WAFFLE was the winner with 19 votes.

From now on we have to learn how to feed it and how to clean its cage. As Teo has a hamster at home, he told us that hamsters are nocturnal animals, which means they are awake at night and sleeping during the day.

Waffle is on the porch during the day and in the class at night because it’s cold outside. In summer, Waffle will be outside all the time so we will prepare a big terrarium.

We love having Waffle with us!

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